Zirconium Phosphate IC ZrP-99

Zirconium(IV) hydrogen phosphate is newly developed and multi-functional mesoporous material and also one of the well applied solid acid materials in the form of layers.

Zirconium(IV) hydrogen phosphate has a good potential prospect in applying to chemistry, optics, electronics, materials science and Environics, etc. due to its role of multi-functional material.


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White powder, with 3.3g/ml of density, same common property of layer compound, high stability with its chemical property and layer structure, relative bigger proportion of surface percentage (total area of the item), high electric density on its surface (charge numbers on its surface per unit), is a strong type of solid acid. It’s insoluble in water and an organic solvent with resistance to strong acid and certain soda.

It has high stability and intensive mechanical strength. ( When this material encounters with external force, the unit area can bear the highest capacity) The Fourth: Category: Zirconium(IV) hydrogen phosphate can be classified as a-Zrp, y-zap, -zap(still under experiment) these three types so far.



  • Environment Side:
    1. It can be attached to CO2 or gas characterized with acid。It can be produced with civil construction materials, manned fabricated plates, paper and coatings etc. featuring its absorption with composite multifunctional materials (methanol, ammonia)
    2. It is with strong affinity with soda, so that it can produce composite catalyst after its combination with Alcohol, pyridine and some other polar molecules, which can protect our environment.
    3. It can produce pesticide with PCBS, PAHS,PCDDS and etc.
  • Anti-bacteria side:
    1. ​​​​​​​Work as anti-bacteria material carrying silver
    2. Anti-static electricity shoes, conductive electricity shoes.
    3. It can work as an additive in plastic, rubber, fiber, coating, paper , adhesives and ceramics and glass to make materials with anti-bacteria。
    4. Work as Silver zinc inorganic anti-bacteria agent to dilute composite inorganic anti-bacterial agent,anti-bacterial fiber master batch, cotton fiber anti-bacteria finishing agent, velvet anti-bacteria and odor finishing agent ,
    5. It also can form anti-bacteria agent, anti-bacteria underskirt ,socks and surgical gown, surgical dressing, shoe-pad and cosmetics under high temperature forge.
  • Conductor side:
    Dye-sensitive solar power battery gel electrolyte material.
  • Low expansion ceramics material:
    High temperature and pressure ceramic stones and knives。
  • Catalyst:
    It can catalyze propylene, ethylene (treatment of oil by-product) oxidized paraffin , porphyrin, phthalocyanines etc. It is not only can help acid catalyze but also works for soda.
  • Electrochemistry equipment:
    1. ​​​​​​​Solid phase gas sensor
    2. Polymer inorganic proton conductive membrane material
    3. Complete solid phase fuel battery
    4. Electroluminescent material
    5. Molecular Electronics Devices, Nonlinear optical material. Artificial photosynthesis devices
    6. Film (as a photosensitive combination packing)
  • Bio Filed:
    Applied to gene storage as a material including DNA, protein and some other nanometer composite materials formed by bio active molecular.
  • Ion Exchange:
    It functions as ion exchange on The trivalent chromium metal materials. It also can be used for wastewater treatment and dialysis and water purifier.

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