Storage and inventroy

We store your products under the best possible storage conditions, which can vary for each product.

At Business Park Deurne available:

  • dedicated facilities for food and non-food products.
  • conditioned storage (cooled, heated and/or humidity controlled).
  • storage according to PGS-15 standards in ADR classes 5.1, 8, 9 and WMS classes Xi, Xn, C and N.


Businesspark Deurne uses a flexible and sophisticated software system. An online connection to your own system is possible. This provides real time information. FIFO and/or batch selection are part of the options of this software of course.

Consignment stocks

To enable you to focus on your core business, it is possible to store our products on consignment basis on your site. You can use whatever you need in your production. On monthly basis we will charge you for your consumption.


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