Every product has its unique properties. If different products have to be mixed, then choosing the right technique is essential. Driessen Logistics has a wide range of blenders at its disposal, for both hazardous and non-hazardous products. For each product, we take temperature sensitivity, particle size, friction coefficient, solubility, hardness, viscosity and aggregation into account.


Conical screw mixers: 700 - 4,000 litres. Suitable in particular for mixing liquids with solids. There is almost no heat generation. Suitable for small batches. Ribbon mixers: 10,000 litres In particular, suitable for products with a high friction coefficient, for re-blending and for large batches. Paddle mixers: 1,000 - 4,000 litres. Produces homogeneity quickly and is highly accurate. Suitable for fragile products, powders, pastes and sticky products. IBC tumbler mixer: 1,500 litres. An extremely efficient way to blend and dose. 100% batch control. A closed system, so not sensitive to external influences.


For handling liquids, Driessen Logistics has the equipment to heat products up to 55°C, for more efficient processing of (highly viscous) products. Not only does this guarantee efficient loading and/or unloading, but it also minimises product loss. Also possible is the mixing of solids in liquids. Dedicated storage of products can be arranged for short periods in heated storage units from 24,600 to 31,800 litres in capacity. Batch size varying from 1 to 25,000 litres (from bulk to packaging and vice versa).

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