Flame-retardant masterbatches for plastics

General information:

We offer complete flame-retardant Polymer.

Flame retardant polymer especially formulated for ease-of-use in a wide range of polymer applications. Into Chemcials offers master batch technology ensures maximum performance, improving overall flame retardancy as well as the physical properties of the end product. Our products are of high quality, consistency and leading-edge performance from your flame retardant systems.

Why Masterbatches?

  • Improved Properties – Good dispersion is the key to maximum performance from flame-retardant additives.
  • Cleaner, Improved Material Handling – Using masterbatches rather than dry powders means a cleaner plant with minimal housekeeping effort.
  • More Efficient Production – Masterbatches increase efficiency through higher production rates, less power consumption, higher yields and less abrasion and equipment wear.
  • Safer – Using our Flame Retardant Masterbatches eliminates employee exposure hazards associated with some powders and liquids.



* Endura PE-302-1 – our standard product for PE
* Endura PE-203 – for weatherable applications
* Endura PE-602-29 – lower cost option for film and sheet


* Endura FR-6732 – our standard product for PP * Endura PP-300 – for weatherable applications


* Endura PS-130


* Endura PBT-101

EVA and EVA compatible resins

* Endura EVA-300

EPDM and thermoplastic rubbers

* Endura TPR-300

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