Flame retardant additives for paper

General information:

Into Chemicals offers flame retardants for Kraft paper, publicity (printable) paper and various paper qualities. Our additives have been developed based on long term experience and comply with actual flame retardant standards and regulations.

About benefits & cost savings:

  • Our flame retardant additives for paper have been designed to offer the best possible cost / performing level. The total cost of 1m² of paper based composition is not only depending on the cost of the flame retardant additive itself but rather on the required dosing level.
  • The flame retardant additive product line of Into Chemicals is optimized in order to obtain the lowest cost / m², by the use of formulations that show an outstanding score regarding price / performing level.

Compare with your actual technology:

Compared to traditional flame retardants, like mono ammonium phosphates and ammonium sulfate / sulfamate based formulations, the Into Chemicals product range offers substantial advantages:

  • No ammonia gas release in your environment
  • Lower loading level
  • Non corrosive or low corrosive
  • Excellent compatibility with other additives like acrylic binder and water repellants.
  • Into Chemicals is proud to introduce a liquid which is 100% organic (ammonium free) and NON CORROSIVE.


  • IC P47 for Kraft Paper (40g/m² - 100g/m²)
  • IC P51L for white printable paper (100g/m² - 300g/m²)
  • IC CNL-60 for Kraft Paper and miscellanous paper qualities
  • IC NCL-50 for corrosion sensitive applications

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