IC Y-516

  • Non-ionic Phenolic Ethoxylate surfactant / emulsion stabilizer
  • Excellent emulsion stabilizer
  • High HLB emulsifier and dispersant
  • Stops viscosity increasing caused by electrolytes (released by APP in water)
  • Excellent emulsifier / stabilizer in paints and coatings, emulsion polymerization.
  • Effective at high temperatures
  • Provides freeze/thaw & ionic stability
  • Stable in acidic and alkaline solutions
  • Compatible with anionic, cationic systems
  • IC Y-516 is recommended in flame retardant paints and coatings where APP or other phosphate based products are used. Phosphates are slightly soluble and the electrolyte release can cause viscosity increase. By adding IC Y-516 before adding the phosphate, viscosity problems can be avoided.

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