Flame retardants for natural insulation products

General information:

  • Into Chemicals offers flame retardants for cellulosic paper based insulation & wood / flax fiber insulation. Our products comply with the most recent standards : boron-, halogen- and ammonium free.
  • Our flame retardant additives for natural insulation products inlcude an authorized anti-fungal and anti-bacteria system.

About benefits & cost savings:

  • Our flame retardant additives for cellulosic insulation have been designed as a complete substitution for boron- and ammonium based additives and to offer the best available cost / flame retardancy ratio at present. Into Chemicals is continuously investing in R&D in order to optimize the formulations towards cost reduction and effectiveness.

Compare with your actual technology:

  • In answer to the well known issues with traditional fire retardants, like (ammonium) phosphate salts and boron salts, Into Chemicals uses highly stable organic compositions combined with inert non abrasive mineral additives. This is resulting in zero emission of harmful components, allowing to comply with eco label classifications.

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