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Into Chemicals specializes in working with the client to design flame retardant products, which are optimized through a developmental process, in order to obtain a solution that matches the customers’ requirements.  All fundamental elements are discussed during an initial interview, after which Into Chemicals can make a first assessment regarding the feasibility.

Should this be positive, a confidentiality agreement will be drafted if required and the first step can be taken in the laboratory of Into Chemicals. Into Chemicals can carry out the initial tests based on reference samples and can then make any necessary adjustments in order to develop a product that is ready for the next step in the process. A following step is to set up a first trial with the client. Preferably, Into Chemicals likes to attend industrial trials to manage certain aspects and to detect any possible additional areas of attention.

An evaluation of the first tests will follow and industrial testing can be up scaled. Every stage is completed in very close collaboration meetings in order to remove any barriers and to save time & money. When it comes to the certification procedure, Intochemicals can continue supplying assistance during this stage of the project.

If you have a new application, or a product that works but needs to be replaced- whether due to amendments in the standards, legislation, product acceptance or cost price -, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and to develop a solution to suit your needs.

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