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Into Chemicals is a company that operates internationally in raw materials for the chemical industry. Flame retardant additives occupy an important position within the range of products. In addition to flame retardants, Into Chemicals develops formulated flame retardant solutions for a variety of industries: coatings, plastics, automotive, fabrics, wooden panelling and insulation. Besides flame retardant products, the company also develops formulations for various other applications. The company was founded in 2012. Into Chemicals is located in Deurne, the Netherlands.

Into Chemicals: Logistics & sourcing

Over the years, the world and global suppliers have become increasingly accessible. However, it is apparent that many businesses are still finding it difficult to take advantage of this for a number of reasons.

More and more raw materials are being produced outside Europe. Besides coming from China, an increasing number of products are imported to Europe from South America, India and Africa. The quality of these products is no longer inferior to those of European manufacturers and are often more interesting in terms of price.

The main hurdle that is still too high for many is created mainly by the logistical process and the mountain of paperwork that comes with it. What's more, it is often a difficult task to find out which manufacturer has the right product and which one doesn't.

Into Chemicals has a highly experienced team in terms of sourcing, chemical know-how and logistical services within a global network. Our service can range from sourcing and providing the most suitable product for your application to taking complete charge of your entire supply chain.

Into Chemicals and solutions

At some point in time, every company is confronted with a product that causes problems or one that needs to be improved. Into Chemicals is committed to finding the right product for you that meets your every requirement. We look forward to assisting you with your business endeavours soon.

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